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Can Tobias Harris become a go-to offensive player in 2013-14?

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One of the breakout stars from the 2012-13 season was Tobias Harris, after a midseason trade moved him from Milwaukee to Orlando, where he immediately gained a spot in the rotation. In his Orlando debut, he 14 points in 24 minutes, two of his highest outputs up to that point in the season. He went on to average 17.3 points per game in 36 minutes while shooting 49% on 2’s and 31% on 3’s. The question for this season is whether these 27 games were an anomaly, with Harris being able to produce offense on a poor team or whether Harris will be able to replicate this production over an entire season.

To do so, we need to examine Harris’ offensive game and see what his strengths and weaknesses on offense are and whether defenses will find it easy to stop him or not. To provide some context before we dive into the video, the below shows Harris’ shot chart for the entire season. There are a few areas where he is below average but most of the zones have him at league average levels or above.


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Written by Joshua Riddell

October 18, 2013 at 3:14 am

Inside the play: Tennesse gets a late lead with a nice out of bounds play

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Jimmy Dykes correctly pointed out before the play started that Tennessee was going to set a screen for Scotty Hopson in this baseline out of bounds play out of a timeout. Mississippi State was well aware of the threat posed by Hopson and keyed in on him to try to keep the ball out of his hands.

Even thought the screen was set for Hopson, I believe Pearl thought that Tobias Harris was going to be the open man in the end, as MSU would key in on Hopson. He was correct and it led to Harris being wide open under the basket.

Here is how Tennessee started the play. They are lined up in a 4 across set, with Hopson on the near wing and Harris on the right block. I think many people were assuming that Hopson was going to come across the paint to the right wing and try to catch the ball in the corner for a shot or penetration.

Hopson comes off of two screens, set by Brian Williams and Harris. This is designed to get the defense focused on Hopson and to draw the focus of a few defenders.

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Written by Joshua Riddell

February 27, 2011 at 3:27 am

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