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2013 EuroBasket Preview: Great Britain Offense

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The 2013 EuroBasket tournament tips off Wednesday, featuring 24 teams from Europe competing for six spots in the 2014 Basketball World Cup. The past week featured some friendly games between some of the participants, giving us a look at some of the offensive tendencies of the teams. Follow along with the tournament on ESPN3. 

Great Britain does not feature any NBA players on the EuroBasket roster while several of their players are not even listed on a professional team at this team. They will likely struggle in the tournament and it will be a surprise if they can finish in the top three of their group, allowing them to advance to the knockout round.

Most of the offense of Great Britain will run through the post. In two friendly games against Spain, we saw Great Britain go to the post again and again, with some success. They will allow anyone to post up at any time and we will see many guards post up with favorable matchups, reminding viewers of the days of the NBA in the 1990s.

The big men of Great Britain had to face Marc Gasol as their post defender, which made it difficult to score. However, they demonstrated some promising moves and will need to convert these opportunities into points. Not every defender will be as capable as Gasol, so the big men of Great Britain could find some success against other teams.

Great Britain will also use the post man to get shots for other offensive players as well. As the defense collapses on the post, players will be open for kick out passes. As the defense scrambles to recover, this will open up shot opportunities and penetration opportunities that the guards are not skilled enough to get otherwise.

Great Britain will look to cut off the post man, as shown by the frame below. After the guard makes the entry pass, he will cut off the post man to rub his defender off a pseudo-screen. This will free up the cutter for an open layup.



Great Britain will enter the ball into the post on a majority of their possessions. This will open up opportunities for players that would not be able to create their own space off the dribble as the defense collapses. They just need to make these long range shots that will result from these kick outs.

The guards of Great Britain are not great at creating their own offense. Therefore, they will rely on the ball being entered into the post and having the defense collapse on the ball to create space. They will cut off the post to try to get rim attempts or float around the three point line for open three point opportunities. They will need their post men to make the right decisions and convert opportunities when they go one on one against their defender. This will force the defense to help in the post, creating opportunities for the guards.

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Written by Joshua Riddell

September 3, 2013 at 2:45 pm

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