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Pittsburgh allows a critical offensive rebound late against Marquette

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Coming into the season, few would have believed that Pittsburgh would start the Big East season 0-5, but that is where they stand today. They looked like they would get their first Big East win today against Marquette but were outscored by ten in the second half by Marquette to lose yet again. The game came down to a Marquette sideline out of bounds play with 23 seconds left and five seconds left on the shot clock. After a missed shot by Jae Crowder, Davonte Gardner came up with a huge offensive rebound to seal the game for the Golden Eagles.

Coming out of a timeout, Marquette runs a set to get Jae Crowder a three point shot in the corner. Even though there are five seconds left on the shot clock, Crowder puts up a tough shot as he catches and shoots as he is turning after making the catch and he misses the shot.

Nasir Robinson has defensive responsibilities for Gardner but he is shaded toward Crowder as Crowder comes off the screen to the corner. Initially, it looks like Gardner is going to have a free run to the rim to grab any offensive rebound. Gardner is the 15th best offensive rebounder in the nation, as his offensive rebound rate is 16.1%.

While Gardner initially looks like the favorite to get the offensive rebound with Robinson shaded toward Crowder, Robinson does a nice job of getting back to Gardner and getting a body on him as the shot goes up. You can see below that Robinson is in good position to box out Gardner, as he is in front of Gardner when Crowder releases the shot.

Robinson makes a crucial mistake as the shot comes off the rim, as he fails to hold his box out on Gardner. As we saw above, Robinson was in position to keep Gardner off the glass but he failed to get enough of his body on Gardner. This allowed Gardner to move around to the left side of the rim to grab the offensive rebound.

While Gardner gets credit for fighting for the offensive rebound, Robinson is to blame for not finishing his boxout on Gardner. He did everything right but put his lower body into Gardner and fighting him off. After shading toward Crowder, he circled back to Gardner to get in front of him but he allowed Gardner too much room to manuever around him.


Written by Joshua Riddell

January 15, 2012 at 12:14 am

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