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Digital Chalkboard: Ohio beats the halftime buzzer

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Ohio ran a nice set from a baseline out of bounds set with one second left on the clock before halftime. It was not perfectly executed but it was effective in freeing up Nick Kellog for a three point shot just before the haltime buzzer.

The play begins with TyQuane Goard (#32) cutting toward the corner, as he pretends that he is the first option for the set. As he comes around a screen by Kellog, he circles back around to set a screen for Kellog, who is the actual option for the set.

This is where the play gets a bit jumbled. As Goard circles back around to set the screen for Kellog, he and Kellog run into each other and slow the play down for  a second. However, Goard recovers to get a piece of Kellog’s defender which springs Kellog for an opening in the corner.

While Ohio does not execute this play purely, they do just well enough to open up space for Kellog in the corner. Goard does a nice job of selling himself as the first option before turning back to screen for Kellog. While the two Ohio players get tied up, this also ties up the Akron defense and the screen opens up additional space for Kellog.

With only one second left, this has to be a catch and shoot situation and Ohio has a nice play in their pocket to get a shot off. This was a nice play drawn up by the Bobcats and one they were able to run well enough to get a shot off just before the halftime buzzer.


Written by Joshua Riddell

January 15, 2012 at 3:34 am

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