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Digital Chalkboard: BYU Opening Possession

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BYU got beat down by St. Mary’s in their opening WCC game but it was BYU who threw the first jab by scoring easily on the first possession. St. Mary’s is an undersized team and BYU took advantage of this by isolating Noah Hartsock in the post against Rob Jones. Let’s breakdown how it got to that point.

After controlling the opening tip, Matt Carlino enters the ball to Brandon Davies at the high post. Brock Zylstra then curls from the right wing to receive the handoff from Davies as Carlino clears out to the left wing. Meanwhile, Hartsock begins walking Jones down to the block,where he will seal him after Zylsta receives the handoff.

In the next frame, you can see the play begin to take shape and the space that BYU has created for Hartsock. Charles Abouo cuts down the baseline to take his defender out of help position, leaving the entire paint area open for Hartsock to isolate against Jones. Hartsock walks Jones down to the center of the paint, then pivots and seals Jones when the entry pass is ready to be made.

The last frame shows the space Hartsock has in the post. The help defense is slow to come and Hartsock works quickly to power the ball over Jones. Hartsock used his strength to seal Jones on his back and then his height advantage to finish the shot over Jones.

This is a fairly simple play but it took advantage of BYU’s frontcourt edge to isolate Hartsock against the smaller Jones. They cleared out all the other BYU players to give Hartsock the space needed to work in a one on one situation. BYU couldn’t get a win in their first WCC game but they started it with a nice possession for a score.



Written by Joshua Riddell

December 30, 2011 at 3:46 pm

Posted in Set Plays

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