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Digital Chalkboard: Nebraska Set

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Not much went right on offense for Nebraska on offense against Wisconsin, as they were held to only 0.78 points per possession in their Big 10 debut game. However, they opened the game well with a well-executed set on their opening possession. Let’s break down how they got an open three point shot.

The play opens with a ball screen set for Brandon Richardson by Toney McCray. Richardson uses the screen to get to the top of the key but does not look to create his own offense off the ball screen. This gets Ryan Evans to hedge on the screen, opening up a lane for Bo Spencer to cut to the corner.

After setting the ball screen, McCray turns and looks to set the double screen for Spencer. The plan seems to be for McCray to arrive just in time to close the double screen after Spencer passes through, taking his defender out of the play. However, McCray arrives late to the screen and Spencer’s defender is able to pass right through the double screen.

Spencer gets the pass in the corner but his defender, Josh Gasser, was able to get through the double screen and prevent a three point shot. Spencer decides to dribble to toward the baseline and draws the attention of three defenders. Wisconsin has Gasser stay in front of Spencer and both defenders from the double screen shade toward Spencer as he drives toward the rim.

This allows McCray to step out to the three point line after setting the screen. With Evans having his eyes on the drive by Spencer, he does not see McCray fading to the three point line. With Spencer’s drive cut off by the defense, he finds McCray for the open shot before Evans can recover to challenge the shot attempt.

While this set may not have been perfectly executed, Nebraska was able to find an open three point shot out of the set. McCray arrived a split second late to close the double screen for Spencer but Spencer did a great job of drawing the defense and kicking out to McCray for the open shot. Nebraska wasn’t able to find much open space on offense last night but they opened the game well with this set.



Written by Joshua Riddell

December 28, 2011 at 3:22 pm

Posted in Set Plays

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