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Digital Chalkboard: Wake Forest Quick Hitter out of a timeout

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With 10:38 left in the game, Wake Forest came out of a timeout down four points, with UNC-Wilmington on a 22- 7 run after Wake had opened a nine point lead six minutes earlier. The Demon Deacons desperately needed a basket on this possession and Jeff Bzdelik was able to dial-up a quick hitter play to get Chase Fischer open for a three point shot.

Fischer begins the play by inbounding the ball to CJ Harris at the top of the key. Fischer then steps onto the court and takes a dribble handoff from Harris to replace him at the top of the key, with Harris setting up on the wing for the return pass from Fischer.

Fischer passes the ball back to Harris, who is now on the wing. Ty Walker turns from the elbow and looks to set a ball screen for Harris but this is designed only to confuse the defense, as Walker’s main objective is to set a screen for Fischer. Harris denies the screen and drives toward the block. This draws his defender and the help defender, who is sagging off Walker.

With Walker’s defender helping on Harris, there is no defender to hedge on Walker’s screen on Fischer. Fischer sets up his defender perfectly by taking a few steps to the left before coming off the screen by Walker. This runs his defender right into the screen, allowing Fischer to find space for the three point shot.

Harris then stops his drive, which was meant only to open up the wing for Fischer and draw the attention of the help defense. Harris picks up his dribble and fires a perfect pass to Fischer for the shot who is wide open after coming off the screen.

This three point shot was a much needed basket for the Demon Deacons, as they were in trouble of falling far behind, but this kept them in the game and allowed them to pull out the win. Harris did a nice job of selling the drive and drawing the defense away from the screen for Fischer. Fischer showed off his elite skill, which is getting himself open for a shot and burying it. Nice execution by the team to get a big bucket.


Written by Joshua Riddell

December 22, 2011 at 5:00 pm

Posted in Set Plays

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