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Digital Chalkboard: Vanderbilt baseline inbounds play

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This breakdown looks at one of the few positives from Vanderbilt down the stretch in their loss to Xavier, featuring a perfectly executed baseline out of bounds play to get an easy layup for Josh Henderson.

Vanderbilt lines up in the classic 4 across set and they can run a variety of sets out of this alignment. In this play, Jeffrey Taylor will fade to the elbow and catch the entry pass from Brad Tinsley, after which Henderson will come set a ball screen for Taylor.

After making the entry pass, Tinsley curls off Lance Goulbourne to the right wing. However, if you watch the two Vandy players, they are not concerned with proper setting and using of the screen, showing that it is dummy action to keep the defense occupied and out of the lane.

Meanwhile, Henderson is moving to set the ball screen for Taylor but Taylor is not the ideal player to try to create off the pick and roll from the elbow. Vanderbilt is counting on the fact that the defense will overplay the ball screen, which they do, allowing Henderson to dive to the rim.

With the overplay by the defense, the lane is left wide open and Henderson has a free cut to the rim. The lane is so spacious because the defense on the right side of the court is occupied by the dummy screen, while Tu Holloway on the opposite side of the court cannot help off John Jenkins (boxed in red).

This play was riding on the assumption that Xavier would try to hedge on the ball screen, allowing Henderson to dive to the rim. When they did, the floor was spaced so that Henderson would be undefended on his cut.

If Xavier would not have hedged on the screen, Vanderbilt would have been forced to reset out top. Tinsley was in no position to shoot off his cut to the wing and Taylor is not a strong threat to create off the dribble from the elbow. The play was based on Xavier hedging on Henderson’s screen and Vandy took advantage of the defense when they did.


Written by Joshua Riddell

November 29, 2011 at 3:43 am

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  1. Best execution the entire game! Vandy should’ve won this one.

    Adam Hager

    December 1, 2011 at 6:44 pm

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