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Louisville finds the open man on pick and rolls against Butler

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Butler chose to hedge hard on every pick and roll by Louisville in their matchup, so Louisville was content to find the roll man on the screen which gave them several easy baskets inside. With Louisville’s big men not seen as offensive threats and their guards depleted by injuries, Butler thought this would be the best way to slow down the pick and roll. However, the Cardinal guards did a great job of locating the roll man and feeding them the ball for several baskets throughout the game.

While Butler did a great job of stringing out the pick and roll and not allowing dribble penetration, they did a poor job of rotating back to the roll man. You can see in the following frames how they hedged on the ball screens but left the roll man open.

With Butler slow to rotate back to the roll man, this left Gorgui Dieng and Jared Swopshire open after setting the ball screen. The guards found them open and Dieng and Swopshire were able to create easy shots near the rim. Here are a few images that show how open the roll man was after setting the screen.

The guards of Louisville took what the defense gave them off the pick and roll and found the roll man when Butler hedged hard on ball screen. While Butler’s hedge took away the ball handler off the ball screen, they did a poor job of recovering back to the roll man and the help defense was unable to rotate over to the roll man. This left Dieng and Swopshire open for several easy baskets in their win.


Written by Joshua Riddell

November 20, 2011 at 2:08 pm

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