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Terrell Stoglin struggles to finish at the rim against Alabama

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In the scouting report for Terrell Stoglin, one thing that was noted that he needed to work on was his ability to stay under control in the half court. In their game against Alabama, Stoglin struggled in the half court, shooting 0-9 from the field as Maryland stumbled to a 72.4 offensive efficiency. Partial credit has to go to the suffocating defense of Alabama but Stoglin still needs to work on his ability to stay under control in the half court.

In this first play, we see Stoglin blow by the full court press of Alabama. He has a full head of steam going into the paint but cannot control himself to finish at the rim. JaMychal Green does challenge him at the rim, forcing a tough attempt, but Stoglin needs to do a better job of collecting himself when he gets into the lane to put up a better shot  or draw a foul.

Stoglin continued to struggle finishing at the rim against Alabama on his way to a poor shooting day. His quickness is an asset in the open court but he is still learning to rein it in during halfcourt sets. This lead him to putting up some wild shots or turning the ball over on offensive fouls. He needs to learn to gather himself when he gets to the rim and either put up a controlled shot or go into the chest of the defender to draw a foul. When he plays out of control, he often does neither of these things, ending up with empty possessions.

While part of the credit for Stoglin’s rough day can go to Alabama’s tough defense, much of the problem still lies with Stoglin and his inability to control himself on halfcourt dribble penetration. He will continue to impact the game in the open court but he won’t fully reach his pinnacle until he can score in the halfcourt on a regular basis. Much of the time right now, he struggles to finish at the rim because he puts up difficult shots in the lane due to his inability to collect himself and play under control.


Written by Joshua Riddell

November 18, 2011 at 3:56 am

Posted in Player Breakdowns

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