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The post game of God’s Gift Achiuwa

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Through 2 games, God’s Gift Achiuwa is shooting 12-17 from the field, many of these shots coming from inside the paint. St. John’s has only played two games, both against weaker non-conference opponents, but let’s take an early look at Achiuwa’s post game.

Achiuwa’s post moves are not very refined at the moment, as he has relied more on his strength and athleticism to score in the opening two games. To be successful, he needs to get great position on the block in order to make it easy for him to score. However, he does not always focus on getting good position and the guards cannot feed him the ball. The Red Storm will struggle shooting from the outside (6-24 from 3 in two games) so it is imperative they get the ball inside to help their offense. Achiuwa needs to be more cognizant of fighting for favorable position, so that he can get open to receive the pass.

In the following two clips, watch Achiuwa battle in the post and how he doesn’t always work to get around the defender in a position where he can catch an entry pass.

When he does get position, Achiuwa shows he is comfortable with the ball. He can recognize the double team coming much of the time and pass out to the open man. While St. John’s won’t always be able to convert these open looks from the perimeter, Achiuwa does not need to force shots, especially against the double team.

Achiuwa is dangerous on offense when he doesn’t have to dribble to get to the rim. While Achiuwa does not always gain position, as seen above, when he does get his defender pinned on the block, he is difficult to defend due to his strength when he pivots and moves toward the rim. He doesn’t really show any refined moves and must rely solely on gaining position to score.

When Achiuwa is forced to put the ball on the floor, he struggles and often turns the ball over. Note in the following two clips the weak position he gets in the post. He is several steps off the block when he makes the catch and looks uncomfortable making his move and he turns the ball over. The key to defending him is keeping him off the block and forcing him to create off the dribble.

Again, it is a bit early to fully evaluate the post offense of Achiuwa. The key for him going forward is to focus on obtaining good position on the block and not forcing it when he does not get good position. If he can do this, he will be a valuable asset for the offense.


Written by Joshua Riddell

November 10, 2011 at 4:13 am

Posted in Player Breakdowns

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