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Season leftovers: Two inbounds plays from Connecticut’s NCAA tournament run

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In our last look back at set plays used during the 2010-11 season, we are going to look at two different inbounds plays that UConn ran for Jeremy Lamb. One play comes from the Arizona game with the second coming from the Kentucky game in the NCAA tournament.

Inbounds Play #1

In the first half of their game against Arizona, UConn has the ball underneath the basket with Kemba Walker inbounding. UConn lines up in a stack set with Alex Oriakhi at the top and Donnell Beverly and Roscoe Smith behind him on the right side of the lane. Jeremy Lamb is at the high post on the opposite side of the lane.

Oriakhi dives to the rim and Beverly cuts to the corner. This clears out their defenders and leaves the right side of the key open. Smith sets a cross screen for Lamb who curls to the rim.



Smith’s defender does not help on the screen as Smith sets a great screen for Lamb, who curls tightly off the screen, running his own defender into Smith. The help defenders clear out the paint and do not pay attention to Lamb curling off the screen.

Momo Jones is caught paying too much attention to Beverly who is not a threat to score from the corner, instead of clogging up the paint. Oriakhi’s defender has his back to the court and does not see the cutting Lamb. This allows Lamb to cut freely through the paint.

This play is nicely designed by UConn as it opens up the paint for Lamb to curl off the screen. Arizona could have defended it a lot better as they did a poor job of defending the screen and providing help on Lamb as he makes his cut.

Inbounds Play #2

Our second play comes from the 2nd half of the Kentucky game. UConn opens in a box set formation and the play begins with a cut to the corner by Oriakhi from the right block. From there, Smith walks a few steps down the paint from the right elbow before turning a set a diagonal down screen for Lamb on the left block.

Similar to the first play, the defense does a horrendous job of defending the screen. Terrence Jones does nothing to help his teammate, Darius Miller, as Miller tries to fight through the screen. Smith does an outstanding job of setting a screen for Lamb again and creating space for Lamb.

The execution of these plays are very similar. They are both fairly simply designed and feature a great screen by Smith and perfect curl by Lamb. The defense does a poor job both times to defend the screen, which is partly why Lamb was able to get open both times.


Written by Joshua Riddell

October 30, 2011 at 7:34 pm

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  1. […] showed that they can execute inbounds plays to get open baskets, as we saw several times in their postseason run from last season. In their game against Wagner, they showed a different inbounds play from the two highlighted above […]

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