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Season leftovers: Valparaiso inbounds play

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Continuing with a look at some leftover inbounds plays from this past season, let’s take a look at how Valparaiso got an easy basket in the nonconference matchup against Kansas.

Valpo comes out in a typical 4 across set, with a basic initial action of fading the near block player to the elbow. Kevin Van Wijk catches the ball at the elbow and has many options in this position.

Howard Little flashes to the high post from the opposite block. Van Wijk is looking for Little and if he can get the ball to him, Little will have a variety of things he can do to create something for the offense.

What you will see is that Little’s quick flash causes Travis Releford to get moving a bit too quickly to deny Little the ball and a quick stop has Releford over Little’s top shoulder, allowing him to make the back cut to the rim.

Look at the overplay by Releford. Little recognizes that Releford is in his chest as he flashes to the high post, so he extends his cut to the three point line and then makes the quick back cut, leaving Releford behind.

This is a great play by Little. I am unsure if it is designed for Little to make the backcut or whether he made the read based on Releford’s defense, but he set up Releford perfectly to overplay his initial flash before he cut to the rim.

The key was the hard flash to the top of the key before making the quick plant and cut to the rim. If he makes the flash or cut at half speed, Releford is able to defend Little. By going hard while maintaining control over himself, he is able to beat Releford on the back cut.


Written by Joshua Riddell

May 19, 2011 at 1:18 am

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