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Season leftovers: Ohio State inbounds play

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After breaking down some set plays from the 2010-11 season, we are going to move on and look at some inbounds plays from last season. Our first one comes from Ohio State’s NCAA tournament matchup against Kentucky. Ohio State could not convert the midrange pull up jumper but I liked the originality of the play designed by Thad Matta and the execution of the play up until the missed shot.

Jared Sullinger and David Lighty set a double screen on the elbow. Jon Diebler curls off the double first (behind the screeners in the below frame) with William Buford curling off the two screens after Diebler. The hope is that if Diebler cannot get open first, he will move the help defense enough so that Buford will have space to score after coming behind Diebler.

Diebler does his part, as he draws attention from Sullinger’s defender, Josh Harrellson. Diebler’s defender is trailing him, so Harrellson has to step to Diebler to cut off his lane to the rim. Harrellson forces Diebler under the basket but his movement ives an opening for Buford to curl off the screens and get to the open space around the block.

Aaron Craft makes the pass to Buford curling off the double screen. Buford makes the catch around the right block and pulls up for the mid range shot. Thanks to the space created by Diebler, Buford is able to catch and shoot before the defense can recover. Harrellson is in decent position to defend the shot but is not able to get off the ground as he is still gathering himself after helping on Diebler.

Although Buford could not finish the shot, the play was successful in creating space for Buford to get the open shot. The double screen is set up so that the defender has to trail the offensive player so they do not give up an open jump shot. Diebler was able to draw the attention of Harrellson, which opened up the space for Buford coming behind him. A well drawn up play that came up just short of being executed perfectly.


Written by Joshua Riddell

May 10, 2011 at 8:31 pm

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