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Season leftovers: Kansas State staggered screen

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In this set play from Kansas State, ran during their NCAA tournament game against Utah State, we see them run a staggered screen to try to get Jacob Pullen, which results in a slip of the second screen.  Utah State rightfully focuses most of their effort on Pullen but this leaves them vulnerable in other areas.

The first screen from Curtis Kelly starts Pullen on his way to the top of the key. You will see his defender, Nate Bendall, have to briefly show on the screen so that Pullen will not curl off the screen and catch the ball in the lane. He then needs some time to step back to Kelly, which will leave him vulnerable, as you will see.

Shane Southwell comes to set the second screen of the staggered screen for Pullen at the top of the key. His defender, Brady Jardine, also briefly shows on the screen, like Bendall did on the first screen. On this show, I think Jardine is trying to prevent Pullen from either catching and shooting off the second screen or driving the lane with the defender on his hip after he makes the catch.

With Jardine showing on the screen, Southwell immediately makes the right read and slips the screen. You can see in the following shots the defensive position of Bendall. He has not yet recovered from showing on the first screen to regain proper help position. If he was in good help defense, he would have been in the paint and been able to cut off the dive of Southwell.

Since Bendall has not been able to recover to proper help position after showing on the initial screen, Southwell is able to catch the ball in the lane and draw the foul on Bendall, who is late arriving.

By having an offensive weapon like Pullen coming off of a staggered screen like this, it is difficult for the defense to defend, as they need to focus on Pullen, which leaves the screeners open. Good job by Pullen for coming hard off the staggered, which does not allow Bendall enough time to recover to play help defense. This allows Southwell to make the correct read, slip the second screen and draw the foul.


Written by Joshua Riddell

April 25, 2011 at 2:19 am

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