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My top 5 favorite sets from the 2011 season

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Let’s countdown my top 5 favorite sets from this past season, from 5th favorite to most favorite.

#5) Utah State’s lob play

A nice alley oop set by Utah State, which takes advantage of a backscreen.

#4) Texas alley oop set

A nice contrast to the previous set, as this play does not use a backscreen in getting the alley oop

#3) Georgetown uses the same set twice in OT

The Hoyas run a staple of the Princeton offense twice in OT against Missouri to get 2 3 pointers.

#2) Illinois runs two high screens

Gonzaga has trouble defending this set, as they give up two open looks to Mike Tisdale.

#1) VCU’s ball screen gets Jamie Skeen open

We saw VCU with a great run in March and this play was a staple of their success.


Written by Joshua Riddell

April 10, 2011 at 7:33 pm

Posted in Set Plays

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