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Inside the play: West Virginia Inbounds plays

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In this inbounds play during the first half of the opening game on Thursday, we saw West Virginia execute a set out a timeout to get a jumper for arguably their best shooter, Casey Mitchell. It was helped by a bad defensive breakdown by Clemson, as the help defense left much to be desired.

Cam Thoroughman sets the screen for Casey Mitchell to flash to the near corner. Clemson does not switch the screen but with Kevin Jones positioned on that side of the court, the play looks to be defended, as Devin Booker is there to take away the cutter.

I apologize for the blurriness of the next image.

Thoroughman set a great screen for Mitchell and his man is struggling to recover to Mitchell. You can see how Booker is perfectly set up to hedge on Mitchell. Jones is not a threat to score if he catches in this position, so Booker should stay and cover Mitchell until the primary defender can recover.

However, he inexplicably leaves Mitchell to float to an area where no West Virginia players are located. He is not guarding anybody and actually made it a bit harder for the primary defender to recover to Mitchell. This gives Mitchell all the time he needs to rise and bury the jumper in the corner.

This was not a complex play by any means. Clemson was set up to defend all the actions on the play, as Milton Jennings is in position to defend the slip of the screen and Booker is set to defend Mitchell. Booker plays matador defense though, as he watches Mitchell run by him unhindered to the corner for the open jumper.


Written by Joshua Riddell

March 17, 2011 at 11:25 pm

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