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Inside the play: Kyle Singler has the option of screens

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Earlier this season, I showed how good Ashton Gibbs is at coming off of screens (read here). If there is one player who can match his ability to use screens, it may be Kyle Singler. Fewer players are better at rubbing a player off a screen and then catching and shooting as they come off the screen.

Singler has the option to here to run off of either Plumlee brother, depending on if Seth Curry gets the ball at the top of the key or not. Dexter Strickland denies Curry the ball, so Singler runs off of Miles Plumlee, to the left side of the court instead of using Mason Plumlee and moving to Curry’s side of the court.

UNC plays the screen straight up, instead of switching Zeller onto Singler and Barnes onto Plumlee, Since they don’t switch, Zeller cannot hedge on Singler or Plumlee would slip the screen and get an open dunk. Zeller does give Barnes room to go through the screen Singler is able to catch and shoot before Barnes can recover.

Singler does a great job of coming hard off the screen and making Barnes run farther to get to the same spot. This gives him the time needed to square himself up and get the shot off before Barnes can recover.

UNC played about as good of defense as they could hope in this situation but Singler trumped it by using the screen perfectly. He runs hard off of Plumlee’s shoulder, makes Barnes go out of his way to get to the same spot and has a quick release to get the shot off before Barnes can recover. I still contend that Ashton Gibbs is the best in the nation in using screens but Singler is certainly in the discussion.


Written by Joshua Riddell

March 13, 2011 at 11:58 pm

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