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Pe’Shon Howard provides unnecessary help on Kyle Singler

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It’s not often you hear the words ‘unnecessary help’ when talking about defending Kyle Singler but all things considered, I contend that this play is one of those times.

Kyle Singler receives the down screen from Ryan Kelly to start the set. Sean Mosley does a great job of fighting over the screen and not letting Singler catch the ball in a favorable position as he curls to the foul line.

Looking at the defense of Mosley after the screen, you can easily say you can’t defend this screen any better. He sticks to Singler and fights over the screen to slow him down and not let him make the catch in rhythm off of the curl. When Singler does make the catch, Mosley is right there as Singler faces the basket and weighs his options. He also has help behind him in the case Singler tries to drive to the basket.

This is where the unnecessary help comes into play. Mosley has defended the screen perfectly yet Howard feels the need to offer help from the top of the key. In doing so, not only does he not bother Singler, he loses track of his man, Andre Dawkins.

Check out where Howard is on the help defense. He is behind Singler and not hindering his vision nor pressuring the ball. He is offering nothing in this position in his help on Singler. In doing so, he gets caught behind Singler and allows Singler to set a natural pick on him, without Singler even trying to do so.

The help from Howard is unnecessary because Mosley has taken away the jump shot and has help behind him on the drive. Singler is not an immediate threat in this situation. By stepping to Singler, Howard is leaving Dawkins, who quickly relocates across the key and gets open to bury the three.

Howard has to recognize who he is guarding and be very careful when leaving him to double Singler. He at least needed to make the pass difficult but he did nothing to slow down Singler, who gets the easy assist.

As I said to start, you don’t often hear that help on Singler is unnecessary. Due to the situation and the defense of Mosley, I think this is one possession where Howard should have left Singler be and focus on sticking with Dawkins.


Written by Joshua Riddell

March 12, 2011 at 3:37 am

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