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Inside the play: Duke baseline out of bounds set

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One of the keys to a successful baseline out of bounds set is multiple options based on how the defense chooses to defend the play. Then, it needs to be up to the offense to read the defense and take advantage of what the defense gives them. In this play by Duke, you see that played out, leading to a Duke basket. There is one option if the defense doesn’t switch and a second option if the defense does switch the initial screen.

The set up by Duke is a fairly common one, with Mason Plumlee at the near block, Kyle Singler on the far block, Seth Curry on the far wing and Ryan Kelly at the free throw line. There are a couple different screens that could be set by the offense, so the defense has to be alert.

Singler sets the first screen for Curry to come across the paint, where he will get a second screen from Plumlee. If Temple doesn’t switch off the screens, Curry will likely be open in the near corner for a jump shot. Therefore, Temple chooses to switch the screens, so as not to get burned by the shooters.

The play is designed to take advantage of the defense if the screen is switched, leaving Curry guarded. After Singler sets the screen on Fernandez, he simply turns and pivots to face the basket. Since Temple switched the screen, Singler is able to put Fernandez on his backside after the pivot, giving him an open look at the basket.

You can see Temple has switched the screen as Singler’s man has stepped up to meet Curry in the paint. Although this disrupts the staggered screen, Duke has a second option in Singler that is almost preferred to the initial option since it gets Duke a layup.

Here’s a good look at Singler getting wide open at the basket. The quick pivot after the screen does not allow Fernandez any time to try to get in defensive position to try to get in front of Singler and defend the inbounds pass. Interestingly enough, Plumlee has the same option to pivot to the basket in the case of a switch. If the defense switches and the first screener is not open across the floor, the second screener can pivot and be open right in front of the passer if they switch the second screen as well. Otherwise, the shooter come across the paint will be open in the corner.

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Written by Joshua Riddell

February 24, 2011 at 2:57 am

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