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Inside the play: DePaul gets a late 3 pointer

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I didn’t see the game live but there was a good reaction to this play from Twitter, so I decided to take a look at it in the game archive. I liked the setup and execution coming out of the timeout, so I wanted to give a breakdown of how DePaul got open to take the late lead in regulation.

Here is how DePaul set up after the timeout. Normally, you would expect the two players around the top of the key to start the action to try to get the ball and initiate the play. This is why the flash from the corner works so well to start the play. It comes from a spot on the floor that action does not usually start from – the far corner.

Cleveland Melvin flashes to the near wing to catch the inbounds pass to start the play. Isaiah Armwood is protecting the paint and therefore, Melvin is able to get open with his flash from the far corner. Armwood is not expecting Melvin to be part of the play and lets him get a free cut toward the near sideline.

After Melvin catches the ball, DePaul sets an excellent fade screen to get Jeremiah Kelly open on the far wing. Moses Morgan sets the screen for Kelly and does a great job of getting a piece of the defender. You can see Villanova playing good defense on the screen, as there is plenty of room for Maalik Wayns to get under the screen.

However, Morgan does a terrific job of sliding over to get a piece of Wayns to hold him up just enough to allow an open shot. Wayns does a fine job of finishing the play and closing out after being screened but it is too late.

This was a great misdirection play by DePaul. With many of these plays featuring someone coming from the top of the key toward the ball, DePaul was able to surprise Villanova by flashing a player from the far corner and then setting a quick fade screen to get a shooter open. Purnell drew up a great play and DePaul executed it perfectly, although it did not get them the win in the end.

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Written by Joshua Riddell

February 19, 2011 at 10:32 pm

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