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Milwaukee beats the shot clock to beat Butler

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Up 1 late in OT, Milwaukee was coming out of a timeout with three seconds left on the shot clock. In the timeout, they came up with a great play to get Tone Boyle, a 36.6% three point shooter an open look. Let’s break down how it happened.

Here is the alignment by Milwaukee. You see Boyle in the corner, circled in green, who will ultimately take the shot. He will run off the bottom player, setting a token screen. While the first look is to the player flashing to the corner, this action is designed more to have Shawn Vanzant navigate through another screener.

Next is a big key to making this play successful. It has little to do with Milwaukee but rather the defense of Ronald Nored. As stated above, the play starts with a flasher to the corner. It’s pretty clear that Boyle is the main option, yet Nored chooses to shade toward the corner to take away the inbounders passing lane to the corner.

This gives Williams (the inbounder) a clear lane to deliver the ball to Boyle. To me, this is a major mistake by Nored. #3 Kyle Kelm is not a threat to score if he catches the ball in the corner. Not only is he not a prolific scorer, he is being locked down by a solid defender in Mack. Nored needed to be cutting off the top of the key, where Boyle was heading.

With Boyle running off a double screen, he has just enough room to get Vanzant on his back, take a dribble and take the shot with the shot clock running out to put Milwaukee up 4. I liked the second screener shuffling over a few steps at the last second to make Vanzant run even further to stick with Boyle.

This was a nicely executed play by Milwaukee out of a timeout but I think it was the position of Nored that made the play successful for Milwaukee. His positioning gave a clear passing lane to Boyle coming off the double screen and an unhindered shot to put Milwaukee up 4, a lead they would not relinquish.


Written by Joshua Riddell

January 24, 2011 at 12:41 am

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