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Antonio Pena beats Syracuse double team

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Syracuse forces a ton of turnovers and bad possessions by trapping out of the zone in the deep corner. Antonio Pena found himself in this situation but a great individual play (with some help from his teammates) still gave Villanova an open 3.

Pena is trapped by a tough combo of James Southerland and Rick Jackson. Pena does a great job of pivoting to create space and give himself room to see the court.

Watch Corey Fisher (circled in green) throughout the play. He takes the eventual shot, made possible by getting to a spot on the court where Pena could pass it to him.

What really helps make this play possible is the cut by Wayns. He cuts to the open spot on the floor to try to be an outlet for Pena. What he does is draw Brandon Triche, leaving the backside of the court wide open.

Again, keep an eye on Fisher. Notice how instead of standing in one spot, he is relocating closer to the play, to get in the line of vision of Pena.

Pena makes a great individual effort to create space from the double team and find Fisher for the skip pass. I am not sure exactly how he managed it but I know it is a great play. Not only does he see Fisher, he delivers a perfect pass across the court for Fisher to step into the pass and shoot it.

What made this play was the cut by Wayns to occupy Triche, leaving the far side of the court open, giving Fisher plenty of time to shoot before the defense could close out. Fisher got himself into position to be available for the pass and Pena made a great pass on the money to Fisher.

You won’t see many players get out of the double team that easily, much less make a perfect pass like Pena did. You have to give him alot of the credit for making this play work but it was helped by the movements of the guards.


Written by Joshua Riddell

January 22, 2011 at 11:59 pm

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