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Defensive breakdown gives Louisville comeback win

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In what was a near improbable comeback win the Cardinals today against Marquette, it was a late layup that gave them the go ahead points. I thought it was a nice play design, helped by a Marquette defensive lapse.

The play begins with a dribble handoff from Kyle Kuric to Preston Knowles. With Knowles coming hard off the handoff, Kuric acts as a screener. Terrence Jennings is also there to set a screen, giving Knowles a staggered screen to try to get open.

Kuric’s man, Jae Crowder, switches the handoff and sticks with Knowles. However, Knowles’  initial man, Jimmy Butler, stays with Knowles for a few steps. This allows Kuric to roll to the basket unguarded. When Jennings sets the second screen, Butler switches that screen, which is interesting.

This shows that Marquette was not on the same page as how to defend the screens. Butler did not switch the first screen and stick with Kuric yet he switched the second one to guard against Jennings rolling to the basket. With Knowles doing a great job of coming off of the second screen, he was able to get to the open spot and see Kuric wide open.

I have to put Jimmy Butler at fault for this play. Marquette was switching screens, as we saw Crowder and Otule do, yet Butler did not switch the initial screen and stay with Kuric. This allowed him to roll to the basket for the game winning bucket.


Written by Joshua Riddell

January 15, 2011 at 7:50 pm

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