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Ashton Gibbs uses screens effectively

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I believe that using screens and getting open mid range shots off of these screens is the most effective part of Gibbs’ game. I have been meaning to discuss this for a while now and I saw two great examples of it today against UConn.

Bob Knight believes that the ball fake is the lost art of today’s game but I contend that it is using screens. Many players loop around the screens, either allowing their defender to get through the screen or setting up their teammate to commit a foul by setting a moving screen.

Gibbs sets up the defender before he uses the screen and then curls hard off of the screener’s shoulder to get his defender caught in the screen. Check out this first shot when he curls around the screen of Gary McGhee. He is nearly shoulder to shoulder to McGhee and Kemba Walker has little choice but to run into the screen.

After he curls off the screen to the elbow, Gibbs catches the ball and comes to a jump stop. This allows him to get on balance and square up to the basket for the 15 footer.

With the time he bought by using the screen effectively, he is able to release a jump shot that is nearly uncontested. Great fundamentals exhibited in the use of the screen.

In this second clip, Shabbaz Napier sees that Gibbs is going to use the screen and jumps in front of it and does not allow Gibbs to get him screened. However, Gibbs circles back around and gets a staggered screen.

His use of the second screen is perfect. Take a look at how he rubs off the shoulder of the second screener.

That, along with his relentless movement, gives him some separation as he curls to the elbow. He does not convert the shot but he did get an open look thanks to his use of the screen.

With Gibbs using screens like he did in the above two plays, it is going to be hard to defend him. He is able to create space by running his defender into the screen and takes advantage of this separation to take a elbow jumper. He is one of the few players that does this effectively time and time again.


Written by Joshua Riddell

December 28, 2010 at 5:56 am

4 Responses

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  2. Curious- what do you use for the video clips? I haven’t been able to find a good, free way to do that. Any help would be appreciated.


    January 8, 2011 at 3:47 pm

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