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Inside the play: Missouri inbounds play ices the game

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I think it is safe to assume most of you saw how the Missouri – Illinois game played out. A 6 point possession thanks to a Mike Tisdale intentional foul turned a one point deficit into a seven point deficit.

I want to take a look at the inbounds play that Missouri ran after the intentional foul was called. It was a nicely designed play which Illinois defended well but the awareness of Marcus Denmon gave the Tigers a basket.

Note: Sorry for the poor quality of today’s pics and video. ESPN3 would not cooperate.

The set starts with 3 Missouri players clustered at the foul line, with Laurence Bowers at the top of the key behind the trio. Two actions take play simultaneously to start the play: a backscreen for Bowers and a back cut by Denmon.

Both of these actions are stifled by the defense, as DJ Richardson stays in front of Denmon, not allowing him to get to the weak side of the rim and Bill Cole fights through the backscreen to cut off Bowers.

After his back cut was defended, Denmon circled around to be in position for an outlet pass. With Richardson desperate for a steal, he is overplaying the pass to Denmon. Denmon stops and when Richardson goes by him, cuts backdoor to the open layup for a layup.

Intelligent play by Denmon to circle back around, read the defense and cut backdoor for the layup. Instead of standing and watching once his initial option was cut off, he kept working to get open and sure enough, the defense made a mistake and he capitalized.

I think this was a great ending to a 6 point possession by the Tigers. As we saw in the end of regulation in the Florida game (seen here) it is easy to defend a stagnant defense. The Tigers kept moving into open space, even after the initial play was defended and the result was an open layup.


Written by Joshua Riddell

December 23, 2010 at 7:23 pm

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