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Block to block action by Drexel

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In what was supposed to be a boring week of college basketball, we saw two upsets happen. One of them was pulled of by Drexel, who defeated Louisville on the road. The offense was not always pretty for Drexel, as they posted on offensive efficiency of only 83.9. This set, however, was executed perfectly.

The set begins with a block to block screen to free up a post player. We have seen this action start many sets as it can work to free up a big man on the block or be the start of the action to free up the initial screener.

Then we have a down screen set for the initial screener. If the initial option is not open, the down screen is a good second option. However, the ball is entered into the post while the second screen is happening.

Louisville was bringing a double from the weak side almost every time the ball was entered into the post. This play was designed to take full advantage of that fact. With the down screen, there was some confusion on how the two defenders were going to play.

As you can see, Peyton Siva (#3) recognizes the play, abandons his man cutting to the opposite man and covers the Drexel player flaring to the top of the key. Mike Marra should be freed up to switch the screen and cover the screener, as his man has left to double team the post.

Marra makes a mistake and floats out to stay with his man. He needed to stick with the screener since the screener’s man had gone to double and Siva had responsibility for his player. This leaves Siva’s man open cross court but any pass made to him would either be intercepted or leave enough time to close out.

The result is an open dunk because of the missed rotation by Marra. Credit Drexel for a great play design and Samme Givens for the excellent vision on the assist.


Written by Joshua Riddell

December 15, 2010 at 4:55 am

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