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Memphis shows how not to run the fast break

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When you have a 5 on 2 fastbreak, you should come away with a bucket (an open 3 point attempt, albeit missed, would also be an acceptable option). Memphis does get bailed out with a foul on this fast break (making one of two shots) but they should have done better.

Problem #1 : Spacing

Take a look at the Memphis players on the break. Nobody fans out to the three point line to draw any attention from the Kansas defenders. By all being in a small space, they are much easier to guard.

I would point to Chris Crawford (#3) as the culprit in this situation. He took 7 3’s during the game (making 3), so Kansas has to respect him from beyond the arc. If he fans to the three point line and Joe Jackson drives to the right, he has the option to kick the ball to Crawford for what will likely be an open shot.

Instead, Memphis clogs the lane, allowing 2 Kansas players to guard all 5 Memphis players.

Problem #2 No ball movement

Jackson dribbles the ball the entire time, never once giving it up. Even with the poor spacing, Jackson could have given the ball to either player flanking him on the wing, drawing one of the Kansas defenders.

This would have allowed either the wing player to get to the basket before the defender shuffled over or Jackson to get the return pass for an open layup at the basket.

By not giving the ball up, Jackson made it easy for the defense to guard him. He was on a straight path the entire way and Kansas was able to cut him off.

Jackson did draw the foul but Memphis only came away with one point from a possession they should have gotten two or three points from. Really poor execution by the Tigers.


Written by Joshua Riddell

December 8, 2010 at 4:02 am

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