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The offensive awareness of Perry Jones

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Watching Perry Jones, I expected to be blown away by his athleticism. While he has shown flashes of brilliance, he has demonstrated a high level of intelligence and awareness on the offensive end. This makes him a valuable asset to the Bears and is a big reason why they are 6-0.

Without the ball

I talked about this a few weeks ago but it illustrates this point as well. See the full post here. Notive how Jones recognizes that the defender is playing on his high side. When the ball is swung to the wing, Jones pivots and seals off his defender.

This simple move gets him an open layup. This is an intelligent play that many college players will not recognize and take advantage of the defender’s position.

Here is a second play of Jones moving intelligently without the ball. Baylor is set up in a baseline out of bounds set with Jones on the left elbow. This play comes after a timeout and ASU is a bit confused with matchups.

Jones sees the confusion and abandons the called play. He has an open lane to the basket and cuts right to the rim. Thanks to a heads up play by LaceDarius Dunn, Jones gets a dunk. This is another example of his recognition of the defense and taking advantage of their mistakes to get easy buckets.

With the ball

I endured two years of Al-Farouq Aminu getting defensive rebounds, dribbling the ball up the court with his head down and making a bad decision. That is why these next two clips were so refreshing. At 6’11”, Jones is not your typical ball handler. However, he showed his ability to handle the ball comfortably and make smart decision on the break.

Jones dribbles at a quick pace yet he is comfortable with the pace. Notice how his head is up the entire time, surveying the court and his options. Baylor runs the secondary break with great spacing and Jones finds the open teammate for a layup.

Once Jones made the decision to handle the ball, he makes the smart decision on the break. This makes the secondary break run smoother, as the point guard does not need to waste valuable time distributing the ball to Jones to enter it into the post.

By taking the ball up himself and saving a few seconds by not giving the ball up to a guard and getting it back, the defense does not have the time to react to the cutting Baylor player and he gets an easy layup.

This is a second clip of Jones running the secondary break. Quincy Acy fills this lane but this time, that option is covered. Jones has his head up again, allowing him to see the floor. He sees Anthony Jones on the wing and gives him the ball in a position to score.

It is a simple pass but an intelligent one. With his head up, he sees the open teammates and makes the easy, yet smart pass to lead to a basket. His turnover rate is only 18.6% which is promising for such a young player.

Jones has shown advanced awareness on the court, moving well both with and without the ball. This is a great part of his game that will be beneficial to the success of Baylor. He does not need to make the flashy play but instead sticks with the smart play that gets his team a bucket.


Written by Joshua Riddell

December 3, 2010 at 4:03 pm

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