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Lack of awareness hurts Missouri

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Austin Freeman was hot from distance in the first half last night, making all 3 of his 3 point attempts up to the point of this shot. That is why this defensive breakdown is inexecusable because Missouri should have been aware of Freeman at all times anyone, not to mention the fact that he was on fire last night.

Here is the defense at the time when Chris Wright is driving to the ball. Kim English lost his man when he flashed to the top of the key (#5 Markel Starks) but he is actually in perfect help position to stop Wright when he beats his man.

What I want to talk about is the positioning of #10 Ricardo Ratliff. He is guarding Austin Freeman and based on the situation, should be much closer to him. As you can see, English has help defense on Wright, supported by Matt Pressey and Marcus Denmon (red arrows). There is no need for Ratliff to help out on that play.

I would have had him taken a few steps up to guard Freeman closer (green arrow) to take away the open three point shot while still being able to guard Freeman if he cuts to the basket.

Instead, Ratliff floats in the paint, not being able to trap Wright and being too far to close on Freeman. The result is an open three point for Freeman he buries.

Had Ratliff been a few steps closer to Freeman, he would have been able to cover the ground to challenge Freeman’s shot. Missouri would have been content with a contested three by Freeman or an open three by Starks. Instead, they give up an open three to Freeman.


Written by Joshua Riddell

December 1, 2010 at 8:31 pm

Posted in Team Breakdowns

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