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Butler’s missed FT attempt

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Down 3 with 7 seconds left, Shelvin Mack was fouled on a 3 point attempt. After making the first, he missed the second attempt. Mack then purposefully missed the third foul shot in an attempt to get the offensive rebound.

With the debate about whether this was the right call aside, let’s look at the missed FT attempt.

If we go back to my last post, which featured a missed box out on a free throw attempt, notice how I suggested that both players pinch down and have the perimeter rebound box out the shooter (seen here).

This is the strategy Evansville employs and it allows them to secure the rebound. Although Mack is not accounted for, both high rebounders pinch down, making it tough for Butler to get the offensive rebound.

This causes Matt Howard to slip as he tries to get the offensive rebound. While it was not a perfect missed FT attempt since it fell right at the feet at the Evansville player, it at least gave Butler a chance to get the rebound. Evansville had a good gameplan, as they double teamed both rebounders to ensure they got the rebound.

It will be interesting to see the reactions of the nation as to whether Butler made the right call to miss that free throw. Regardless, the execution of the miss was fine, Evansville just did a great job of boxing out and securing the offensive rebound. With the MSU mistake against UConn and this example, it shows the best way to get a crucial rebound late in the game.


Written by Joshua Riddell

November 27, 2010 at 9:46 pm

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