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Inside the play: Wichita State

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Although the Shockers fell short in their opening game in Maui, they did impress me on some levels. One of which was the following play, which was well designed and well executed.

Here is how the play sets up. Wichita has one man on the foul line with three men on the baseline. A down screen is set to get the primary passer open at the foul line.

Notice in the video how he looks first at the backdoor cut. The defender is playing off and the wing player does not make the cut (notice how he points to start the action on the opposite side).

This leads to a curl screen being set but UConn defends it well. The defender sees the screen and sags off to let the defender get through the screen. This cut is not open so the play continues.

Finally, the man who curled off that screen sets a backscreen on the foul line. The UConn defender is playing tough defense to disrupt the pass but once the ball is passed away, he does not see the screen quickly enough.

Since the screen is set so quickly, the UConn defender is caught. Not only that, the help defender does not bump the cutter and he gets a free cut to the basket. This gives him an open layup.

UConn had to defend alot of action on this play and they did a great job of it up until the backscreen. The screen was perfectly timed, as the defender did not have time to sag off after pressuring the ball handler.

I can’t tell if the Kemba Walker called the screen but one thing he could have done better was bump the cutter. If he does this, the primary defender has the chance to recover and challenge the shot or get in the passing lane. Since he was not bumped, he got a free layup.


Written by Joshua Riddell

November 22, 2010 at 11:28 pm

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