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Inside the play: Kenneth Faried slips the screen

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Morehead State opened their game against Florida confidently, executing a set perfectly for a dunk for their star, Kenneth Faried.

The play is a simple screen and roll with Faried setting the screen. However, Faried reads the defense and slips the screen when he sees how the defense is playing.

Here is the initial setup. We have Faried setting the ballscreen with the ballhandler ready to use the screen.

Faried notices the defender cheats up high to hedge the ball screen. Since the defender is above Faried’s level, there is an open line to the basket. Faried makes a great read and takes what the defense gives him.

It’s a simple play, yet it is about reading the defense. Instead of setting the screen that would have been cut off, Faried slips the screen and gets an easy dunk. Slipping the screen is a crucial part of reading the defense and Faried shows he has the ability to do so.


Written by Joshua Riddell

November 22, 2010 at 3:56 am

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