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Perry Jones seals his defender for a layup

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Perry Jones showed nice recognition of the defense in their game today against La Salle, as he sees his defender is in poor position and seals him off for the layup.

Jones (#5) starts at the elbow as Baylor shows a flex look. With a screen being set for a Baylor teammate to flash to the corner, Jones goes down to set the down screen for the screener.

Look at the position his defender is playing him. He is sagging off to allow his teammate to get through the down screen. This was likely discussed before the game, so its not poor defense by Jones’  man.

The other key aspect is how Jones sells the screen. He has a fist in his air and all La Salle defenders think the second half on the flex action is coming.

However, Anthony Jones runs through the baseline after setting the initial screen. This looks to be a designed action to get Jones open. Jones makes a quick pivot and has his defender sealed. Although the defender was in good position to defend the flex, Jones was able to seal him off with good footwork.

He seals him off with his left arm and calls for the ball with his right hand. He has the defender sealed on his back hip, so he is unable to deflect the entry pass or defend the layup. Jones shows off his strength as he does not allow Aaric Murray to get around him.

The two keys were how Jones sold the screen to get his defender in position to seal him off and the quick pivot he made to seal Murray before he could react. This gave the passer plenty of room to throw the ball over the top to Jones in a position to score.


Written by Joshua Riddell

November 17, 2010 at 12:38 am

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  1. […] talked about this a few weeks ago but it illustrates this point as well. See the full post here. Notive how Jones recognizes that the defender is playing on his high side. When the ball is swung […]

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