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Inside the play: Baylor’s high low set

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A team running the high low effectively is one of my favorite offenses to watch. Baylor is a team that has the personnel to run such an offense and showed against La Salle that they are able to run the high low. Let’s take a look at a nice high low play from their matchup against La Salle.

The play starts with a flash to the high post by Perry Jones. Fred Ellis sets a backscreen on Quincy Acy’s man which causes his defender to trail him, giving him an opening to post up.

Jones makes a nice entry pass into the post, which La Salle immediately doubles. Jones recognizes this and cuts toward the basket, receiving the ball back from Ellis. Since he would have a free lane to the rim, Quincy Acy’s man steps up to cut off Jones.

This forces Jones to pull up and shoot a floater, which comes up short. However, thanks to Jones drawing the help defender, Acy is free to attack the glass, one of his biggest strengths. Although the high low action does not lead right to a basket, forcing the defense to recover leaves the rebound open for Acy.

I believe Jones would make that shot enough times for Baylor to keep running that set. If they choose to double the post, Jones will be open for the short jumper. If they don’t double, Ellis has room to work in the post. Keep this in mind for future games and watch the variations Baylor runs of this concept.


Written by Joshua Riddell

November 17, 2010 at 2:31 am

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