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Ways OSU works to get Jared Sullinger open in the post

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Jared Sullinger had a great debut with 19 and 14 in 21 minutes. He did not show off any awesome post moves but his skills were adequate against smaller defenders. I was hoping to showcase his footwork but for the most part, he was able to just go over the defense.

What I saw instead was some interesting screening and crossing action to get Sullinger open in the post. Instead of letting him fight for position, they are running him off teammates to get him open.

It is effectively just Sullinger running off a teammate switching positions, with a few variations. In the first clip, it is DeShaun Thomas. Sullinger starts on the right (circled) and runs baseline up to the left elbow.

Thomas does not get a piece of Sullinger’s man, but the action is enough to allow Sullinger to fight around his defender and establish position right at the elbow without much resistance.

Sullinger gets the ball in a dangerous place easily and gets a layup out of it. Not much effort in fighting for position by Sullinger yet he still gets the ball in a position to score.

Sullinger gets two screens set for him in the next clip, from Jon Diebler and Thomas. This puts Sullinger’s defender on his hip, allowing him to establish position under the basket.

They could have made Sullinger walk over to the block and fight for position but this is much easier and more effective in getting the freshman open. He misses the bunny but will convert them as the season moves along.

Here is another example of Sullinger getting a staggered screen. He starts at the right elbow, circles around the top of the key, receives a screen from Diebler and then Dallas Lauderdale and catches the ball on the baseline. It is not ideal position but it does get him the ball in a position to score.

These plays are simple yet effective in getting Sullinger open in dangerous positions. He showed last night he is dangerous around the basket and as the season progesses and he becomes more confident, his ability to score in these positions will only improve.


Written by Joshua Riddell

November 13, 2010 at 2:36 pm

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