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Ball fake leads to an open 3 for Louisiana Tech

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It is the simple things in basketball that I love sometimes. This video shows how a plain ball fake can be so effective in opening up an opportunity.

When Brandon Gibson receives the skip pass from the post, he immediately makes a ball fake to his left to Darius Redding (#24). Redding was probably not seen by Texas as a dangerous 3 point threat, but the action still froze Jordan Hamilton, who was guarding Redding.

More importantly, it also froze Gary Johnson, was closing out to contest that shot. When watching the video, make sure you take a look at Johnson and how the ball fake made him shuffle his feet for a split second, leaving him too far away to close out. That quick and easy ball fake turned what would have been a strongly contested shot into an open one.

That split second that Johnson freezes on the ball fake gives Gibson the open space he needs to get off an open three. Look at the space that Gibson has when he goes into his release. Without that ball fake, Johnson continues closing out strong and challenges the shot attempt.

I love this because it is so simple yet so effective. Players don’t always instinctively use the ball fake but this goes to show how useful it can be when it is implemented.


Written by Joshua Riddell

November 11, 2010 at 3:12 pm

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