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Some plays KSU runs for Jacob Pullen

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Last year, Jacob Pullen used 26.3% of his teams possessions while he was on the floor. There is no doubt this year he is their #1 scoring option, so I wanted to show some of the ways KSU works to get Pullen open. Some of these are called sets, some are free flowing action and some are motion actions that are a result of some of the sets KSU runs.

Set plays

Here is the first set I saw that KSU runs for Pullen. With a box set with Pullen on the right block, he first sets a cross screen to open up the player in the post. He then has the option of using a double screen set at the foul line. Although Clemente dumps the ball into the post on this play, Pullen is one of the two main options on this play.

Here is a variation on that play, which has Pullen setting a cross screen for the post man and then receiving a single screen to get open at the top of the key. Again, the play goes to the post again, but Pullen is looking for a jump shot.

Here is another set they run for Pullen, which starts with him in the corner. He then gets two staggered screens set for him as he runs diagonally across the lane. His defender gets caught up in the first screen, as he is not sure how Pullen is going to use this screen. The second screener seals off his own man, allowing Pullen to get the open look.

As you will see throughout the next few videos, KSU loves to run Pullen off multiple screens and get him moving off the ball. Pullen showed he is willing to work off the ball and use screens in order to get open looks.

Running off multiple screens

As I said above, KSU loves to run Pullen off of two screens. In the following two clips, watch how KSU sets the staggered screens in various places on the court. In the first clip. we see it on the opposite side of the lane. In the second clip, we see it on the baseline.

The screeners did a great job of getting a piece of Pullen’s man as he was using the screens. Call it a moving screen if you want, but they were effective in getting Pullen open. As I showed in his scouting post, jump shooting is one of strengths and I am sure KSU will continue to run him off screens this season.

Pick and Roll

Pullen also runs the pick and roll for KSU, although I think he could become much more effective with this action this year. Watch this first clip and notice how he does not turn tightly around the screen but rather loops past it, ruining any chance of him getting to the basket. However, he does do a good job of finding the roll man for the basket but you can see how he is not really looking to create for himself.

When Pullen does use the pick and roll for himself, he likes to split the defense. Watch here as he comes around the screen and splits the defense to get to the lane.

From the other PNR sets I saw Pullen run, he usually loops around the screen and does not really use the screen that well. The PNR can be a major weapon for college teams, as most college big men don’t quite have the grasp on how to defend the entire action yet.

Now KSU does not run much isolation for Pullen, so that may be why he is uncomfortable creating off the PNR. I really hope this was a point of emphasis for him this summer, as he could become a much better offensive player if he felt comfortable creating off the pick and roll.


Written by Joshua Riddell

September 20, 2010 at 2:03 pm

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