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Kick out and repost

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A short post today but it is a concept that I feel is overlooked and underused at the collegiate level. It’s the process of the post player kicking the ball out to the wing player and reposting to gain better position when they initially have no room.

Watch as Raymar Morgan receives the initial entry pass but is hounded by Wayne Chism from his right and Scotty Hopson from his left.

He kicks the ball out to Durrell Summers who replaced the original passer after he cut through. Therefore, Chism is forced to follow him to the corner (away from Morgan) and Hopson has to play on ball defense agaisnt Summers (again, away from Morgan).

This allows Morgan to repost once the help defenders are pulled away and have more space to work. He takes adavantage of this as Brian Williams does not bring as strong of help defense, so Morgan has space to operate and he beats his defender and draws the foul.

Too often I see post men give up on the post open when they pass the ball back out. This kickout can catch the defense in a momentary lapse, which the offense can take advantage of and secure the better position. It can also open up space (as seen above) as the help defense shifts as offensive players cut through.

It can be somewhat frustrating to see these young players kick the ball out when they are not open in the post and give up on the play. They just need to learn to not give up on the play and keep fighting for position. Often, the action of kicking the ball out will lead to more openings once they get the ball back.

When this happens, it is a thing of beauty. It’s a simple concept but one that young players who have dominated weaker competition in the post up to this point needs to learn. They master this and they will become deadly in the post.


Written by Joshua Riddell

September 13, 2010 at 1:44 pm

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