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FIBA update: Charles Abouo

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This will be the last post featuring the college players who are participating in the FIBA World Championships. Today’s feature takes a look at Charles Abouo, junior for BYU this season. According to BYU’s SB Nation blog, Vanquish the Foe,  expect him to play major minutes this season and have high expectations for him. You may not know him, so here is his statsheet page from last season (Seen here).

Let’s take a look at some video for him from the FIBA WCs.



BYU fans love the athleticism of Abouo and it really shows in his rebounding. Last year, according to KenPom, his offensive rebounding rate was 10.8% and his defensive rebounding rate was 16.4%. He uses his athleticism to go up against bigger defenders to grab the loose ball.

In this clip, he attacks the offensive glass and overpowers his opponent to grab the ball. He shows an intense competitiveness for rebounding, which BYU will need this year.

Jump Shooting

Abouo has a really nice jump shot. Take a look at this first clip and note the near flawless form.

When Abouo has the chance to catch and shoot, he is a deadly jump shooter. I did not really see him try to shoot off the dribble or coming off a screen, so it will be interesting to see if he can shoot well in different situations.

He shot 40% from distance last season, with a 51.2% eFG. He looks to be an effective scorer and can complement Jimmer Fredette nicely this season. Fredette is pretty good at getting to the basket, so Abouo can park himself on the wing and be ready to catch and shoot on the kick out.


Ball Handling

Abouo does not look very comfortable handling the ball. Considering he won’t likely be the primary ball-handler, this does not seem like a major negative. However, he may be called upon to handle the ball in a press break situation, creating off the dribble or to handle the ball on the fast break (after he pulls down a rebound). I saw this end poorly several times for the Ivory Coast in his appearances.

Now watch this first clip as Abouo leads the break with no pressure from any defenders. He does it well, which ends in a layup for the Ivory Coast.

However, once the defense applies some pressure, he tends to turn the ball over. He just does not look comfortable against defensive pressure and has a tendency to turn the ball over, as seen in the following clips.


As I mentioned about Sacre and Olynyk, Abouo’s part in the FIBA World Championship will only help his performance and growth for BYU this season. From the limited tape I saw, he looks like a solid basketball player who will contribute greatly to BYU this season. Right now, he is an unknown player, so keep a look out for him this season for BYU.


Written by Joshua Riddell

September 7, 2010 at 4:27 pm

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