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A few ways to get the post man open

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Today we are going to look at how a team can get a man open in the post. There are a couple ways to do this, outside of just having the player post up. Let’s get to it.

Working hard

This is the most obvious way to get open in the post, as the player  relies on individual work to seal off his man and get the ball. In the following clip, watch the Bradley player call for the swing pass and seal off his defender with his off arm. He does a good job of gaining position and keeping it as he gets the entry pass.

Post man sets a screen

When a down screen is set, the defender on the man setting the screen will give some roon for the defender to get through the screen, instead of having to trail the offensive player. This provides some seperation for the post man, which he can take advantage of in gaining position in the post.

Now in this clip, the Bradley player does not use the screen well, which allows the defender to follow him without being hindered. However, the Memphis defender still takes a step off of Patrick O’Bradley, giving him the space he needs to gain the position on the block.

This screen also serves to get the entry man open for the pass into the post. A simple down screen is sometimes all you need to get the man in the post open and to have an open lane to get him the ball.

Cross Screen

The final way I want to look at today is setting the cross screen. This occurs when a player on one block (either who has been posting up or not) goes across the paint to set a screen at the opposite block. This allows the player to come across the paint and gain an opening in the paint.

Here, Bradley does a good job of executing this action in the following clip. The man who is receiving the screen has the ability to read the defense and go above or below the screen to get to the opposite block. Seeing the defender is cheating to the high side, he spins and goes baseline and is open for the entry pass.

These are just a few of the ways you can get the post man open for an entry pass. As we looked at in an earlier post, there are defensive techniques to defend the post when a post player is fighting for position. That is why it can be crucial to get the man some open space by setting screens. That split second of open space can be enough for the post man to seal off the defender and be ready to receive the entry pass.

Bradley did a good job in this Sweet 16 game of getting the post man open but many times, they were not able to finish. They had the opportunities, thanks to their techniques for getting the post man some space on the block.


Written by Joshua Riddell

September 3, 2010 at 5:48 pm

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