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Summer scouting series: LaceDarius Dunn

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Outside of my own Wake Forest and their class of freshman, I am probably most excited to see Perry Jones this season. His (likely) one season at Baylor should provide an intriguing inside out combo with himself and LaceDarius Dunn, the subject of today’s scouting report.


Offensive Creativity

I think Dunn and Jacob Pullen are players of a similar mold on the offensive end. They are a bit undersized but they just find ways to score (both averaged around 19 ppg last season). Dunn does not really have a high level of explosiveness or athleticism to beat defenders off the dribble but despite this, he finds ways to finish at the rim.

In the second clip, you can really see his creativity, as he gets his defender on his hip but pulls up for a floater before he gets to the help defenders.

Dunn will once again be undersized but he has the ability to get to a spot on the floor and finds a way to score. It is definitely the biggest strength he has in his game.


Defensive Intensity

Dunn really showed a lack of intensity and desire to work on the defensive end last season. He just really seems disinterested in playing any defense, as you will see in the clips:

Here, he is lazily moving around in the zone with no purpose other than to take up space. He has the chance to dig on Brian Zoubek and close out on the shooter, but he does neither, which leads to a wide open 3.

Here, Baylor is showing a three quarter court press. Once the ball gets passed by him, Dunn should be sprinting to get behind the ball but you see him lazily jogging back with no sense of urgency or intensity.

A major part of defense is desire and Dunn just shows little of it, which leaves him exposed and leads to easy buckets by the opposition. It’s something Scott Drew can’t love and NBA scouts will like even less.


Dunn has seen a rise in turnovers each season, to 2.5(17%) last season. He has struggled handling the ball and will need to tighten this up as a senior, as he will likely have the ball in hands a majority of this time for the Bears.

Here is one clip that shows Dun still has some work to do. In what should be a relatively simple play for a guard in splitting the pick and roll, he dribbles the ball off his leg for a turnover.

Question Mark

Jump shot

Dunn has a very unorthodox jump shot, which concerns me a bit, despite his high percentage from 3 last season (42%). That is why I decided to put it in this new section because I am not really sure how it will affect him going forward, despite his high percentage.

There are a couple of fundamental issues I see with his shot:

– He has little (if any) follow through;

– He seems to use a lot of arm action (almost throwing instead of shooting) instead of the wrist (this is an offshoot of no follow through)

– He seems to fall away on his shot and does the Reggie Miller leg kick out but he just looks off balance when he is shooting.

All that said, it seems to be working for him so more power to him. While his shot does not look pretty at all, it is effective so I am not sure he should change it. If Shawn Marion’s shot works for him, I could get on board with any form if you shoot above 40% from 3.


Dunn is a player ready to take on a bigger role with Ekpe Udoh and Tweety Carter leaving Baylor. Like Jacob Pullen (profiled earlier), he just has ‘it’ when it comes to scoring. He does not amaze anyone with his athleticism or moves but he finds ways to beat his defenders and get shots up that find ways to go down.

He does have several things to iron out but he will continue to be a productive player for a Baylor team that should be in the top 25 yet again.


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