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Delvon Roe gets rewarded for his hustle

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The Mikan Drill loves the hustle plays made by players eager to get their team an advantage. Whether its diving for a loose ball, chasing down a rebound or saving a ball from out of bounds, the hustle play is one of the things we appreciate the most.

That said, the following play I saw while watching Michigan State games (for a later post) was awesome. I watched it 3 times, basking in its awesomeness.

Take a look after the break for the great dunk.

Notice that when the shot goes up, Delvon Roe is not in the picture. After pulling down the rebound at the other end, he is trailing the secondary break. Once the shot goes up, he kicks it into high gear and runs straight to the rim.

The shot takes a bit of a fortuitous bounce to the left side where Roe runs to but he hustles to the basket and is rewarded for his hustle. He corrals the offensive rebound and throws home a thunderous dunk in the face of Jordan Eglseder.

This is what happens when you hustle on the court. While you may not always be rewarded, more often than not, something good will result from your hustle.

Delvon Roe, we salute you for your hustle and marvel and your athleticism.


Written by Joshua Riddell

August 29, 2010 at 10:55 pm

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